Gianmaria Bruni: training using a kart to improve performance

Gianmaria Bruni, a works driver for the Porsche Motorsport team and a career boasting important victories, tells us how crucial it is for a driver to train using a kart. Taking advantage of a day out on the track, assisted by the LenzoKart team, the Roman driver explains how to physically approach a day’s karting: exercises, nutrition and hydration.

“Given its simplicity, we tend to forget that the kart is the vehicle that most resembles high performance cars such as those in F1 or GT.
In particular, it is forgotten by certain amateur drivers who only go out on the track a few times on Sundays, without considering that what they have in their hands is capable of exceptional performance and, therefore, requires proper physical training.
I try to train using a kart as often as I can, because I think it is the best way to achieve the well-rounded fitness required for driving vehicles found in higher classes.

As a professional racing endurance driver, I can say that the physical exertion is different: there is no doubt that it is greater in a kart, although it is concentrated over a shorter amount of time, whereas in endurance it can last up to 4 consecutive hours.

In any case, I’m convinced that the kart is the best training method, both for stressing the muscles that are also used when driving cars, as well as stimulating the psychological aspect and providing the experience needed to manage every stage of a race”.