How To Drive Faster? Just Breathe!

Speed Secret: Program your breathing. Mentally practice breathing.

“Wow, I really sucked it up, held my breath, and went for it on that lap!” That’s something we hear race drivers say every now and then after a great qualifying run. But I can practically guarantee you that no race driver got the best out of themselves while holding their breath.

Do you think your muscles are more or less relaxed when you hold your breath? They actually tense up when you don’t breathe, right? And do you think that restricts the amount of feedback you get about the car – sensing the limits of the tires? You bet it does.

So, why do we sometimes hold our breath when driving? Because we’re facing some things that, perhaps, our brains weren’t originally designed for. Things like very late braking at the end of a long straight, entering a super-fast corner, and passing another car in a tight gap. I often notice that drivers hold their breath in all these situations – the “scary” parts of the track.

And that’s why we need to practice breathing. Much like in meditation, we need to be aware of our breathing. But we also need to program ourselves to breathe in those “scary” situations. You can do this with mental imagery (visualization), and you can practice it on the street. For example, every time you begin braking or enter a fast freeway off-ramp, deliberately exhale. Every time you do a lap of the track in your mind, exhale as you hit those difficult areas.

Practice your breathing until it becomes a habit, or program, in the most challenging areas of the track.