Race Driver Coaching: The Driver61 MasterClass

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last 15 years – and thousands of hours – of my life racing and coaching at circuits around the world.

During this time, I’ve seen many drivers – even the experienced guys – get the fundamental techniques of driving completely wrong.

The unfortunate thing is they never get close to reaching their full potential and waste a lot of time and money along the way.

With this in mind, I’ve designed an intensive single-day driving course that quickly instils proper technique and creates lasting changes to make you faster, safer and more consistent.

The concept of the course is simple; remove all the usual distractions of track days or testing, freeing up mental capacity. Then, identify issues in technique before breaking down the theory and installing proper technique through repetition.

You’ll shortcut my 25 years of learning as I transfer my knowledge as efficiently as possible.

I used to coach a lot during track or test days, but found this can often be quite two-dimensional. The focus would be on braking a few metres later or turning in at a different point, rather than working on core technique – not to mention all the distractions and lack of track time associated with test days.

The MasterClass is formatted to work on various layers of technique, using the following, very efficient, structure:

1. Identify an improper technique

2. Uncover why the driver is making that decision

3. Explain / demo the proper process

4. Practice until it becomes a “natural” method

5. Move on to the next technique

This process will also furnish you with the bespoke tools to perform these complex judgments yourself, meaning you can “self-coach” and transfer the skills to any car and circuit in the future.

If you’re looking to significantly improve your technique, reduce lap time and make lasting changes as efficiently as possible, this course is for you.

► More details about the Driver61 MasterClass: https://goo.gl/dX4q9H

► Driver’s Uni tutorials: https://goo.gl/rteGhu