The Carlin Academy

“The will to win is worthless if you do not have the will to prepare”

As one of the leading junior single seater teams in the world, Carlin are perfectly placed to deliver long term driver development programmes. That is why we launched the Carlin Academy.

We have developed fully flexible progreammes to deliver the basic concepts of formula car driving developing all the skills necessary for a better way of winning. Creating in the process a seamless entry into the competitive world of formula racing.

Our vision is to ensure drivers are absolutely ready to race competitively the day he/she is 16 years old. Our objective is for all learning to be done in a private, controlled environment. Importantly our programmes are aimed to fit around school and karting commitments.

Spending time developing the necessary skills set means a driver arrives race ready and prepared to make the most of his time in a championship. Through long term development we aim to deliver a learning pathway that begins within the Carlin Academy but underpins a driver’s time at Carlin up through the formula ladder.

Get on track

With access to cars throughout the range of single seater racing, Carlin are perfectly placed to take drivers from their first steps in junior cars to more sophisticated machinery.

On-track preparations will start with our simulator and road car programmes. Once ready, Academy members will progress up to our bespoke carbon fibre Dallara School Car. Featuring a 1.6 engine, slick tyres and wings, our school car is the perfect first step into formula racing.

Drivers will then progress into our 2012 Formula Renault 2.0 car, one of the most commonly used cars in the junior formula racing career ladder. As a well balanced small junior car, the FR2.0 is the perfect platform for increasing driver skills and confidence.

We will also have the option to continue the learning pathway with the introduction of a Formula 3 car and a Formula Renault 3.5 Series car once all learning targets are met.

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