Visualization: Real or Fake?

Many watched with interest last year what would happen to Irishman, Conor McGregor, when he took on boxing superstar, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in Las Vegas. The Irish Mixed Martial Arts star would move away from his sport (where you can kick and wrestle) and over to Mayweather’s sport of pure boxing. The attraction for McGregor might have been that one single fight could triple his already considerable net worth – apparently McGregor stood to make $100M, irrespective of the result.

Mayweather was the retired superstar and at 40 years of age, the question was, could he still do it against the brash younger (29) McGregor? The Irish nation and much of America tuned in to see the spectacle. May weather won, but McGregor was mighty.

I have always been fascinated by the mindset of supremely successful athletes. What is it that puts them in a position to have sustained success?

McGregor is a brash ‘talker’. He oozes confidence. He walks with confidence. He fights with confidence. He only sees him self winning. He sees himself as unbeatable – the very best. Does that mindset make a difference? I think so. What the mind perceives , the body achieves.

I came across this snippet of information recently. If true, it is another ah ha! moment of confirmation for me, and an insight into how McGregor positions himself for success.

The piece talked about McGregor using his ‘trick of visualization’. A Secret – in fact it was the book – The Secret by, Rhonda Byrne. In the book she claims that positive thinking can create life changing results. I also happen to believe this.

McGregor read the book and then started to see if the advise could actually work. Apparently he covered the walls of his gym with shots of him punching Diaz as he prepared for their rematch. This filled his mind with what he wanted to happen – he could visualize it happening before it happened.

Apparently, in preparation for the Mayweather fight, the gym had a mural depicting McGregor whacking the boxing star. This again created the image of success in his mind. Who knows, perhaps this allowed McGregor to become what Mayweather said after the fight “he was better that I thought he might be”. Maybe ‘The Secret’ really is one of the keys to the Irishman’s key to success?

As simple as it sounds, I believe it can be the key to all of our successes; see it, feel it, believe it, live it, be it, play fearlessly – Be EXTRAordinary.