Where To Look On The Race Track

Every driver that has spent at least one day at a race track has heard the term “eyes up.” It is the most commonly used term amongst high performance driver education instructors, but what does it actually mean? How do we know if our eyes are looking far enough forward?

Here we give this term meaning and show you exactly where professional race car drivers are looking. You will quickly see there needs to be a distinction between the drivers “focal point of vision” where their eyes are really focusing in on and their peripheral vision. Drivers are using both frequently and “eyes up” is referencing the focal point of a drivers vision.

Ultimately, the focus of a drivers vision needs to be one step ahead of the car at all times. Before drivers attack the initial brake zone they are already focusing at the turn in. Before they arrive at that turn in point they are focusing at the apex. And before they have arrived at the apex that vision is being picked up and focusing in on the exit curb.

Drivers use their peripheral vision for more of the “real time” stuff. When the driver switches the focal part of their vision from the brake marker to the turn in point before they have actually reached that brake zone they need to rely on still picking up the brake marker with their peripheral vision.